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The Bunakoo initiative is connecting coffee consumers and buyers from around the world with the indigenous coffee growers
of Ethiopia.

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70,000 tons/year

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The word Bunakoo means 'My Coffee' in Afan Oromo, one of the major languages of Ethiopia spoken widely throughout the country and in the Horn of Africa.

The Bunakoo initiative is empowering and enabling local coffee farmers to achieve sustainability in the coffee supply chain. Our Decentralized Autonomous Organization consists of 500 farmers from the indigenous community of Oromia.

The project is bringing together coffee farmers from across Ethiopia and East Africa to attain the financial freedom and the recognition that they deserve.

Explore our journey from cherry to cup.

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Why Engage Directly with Bunakoo?

  • Source the highest quality coffee beans directly from the homeland of coffee
  • Bring sustainable changes to agricultural communities
  • Empower coffee farmers
  • Connect with the values and traditions of local coffee-growing communities, beyond the level of financial transactions and consumption
  • Motivate farmers to grow higher quality crops and encourage environmental stewardship
  • Enable traceability, and ease of logistics and
    contract management
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Bunakoo Farmers have a proven track record through
the Cup of Excellence (COE) premier quality competition program that pioneers integrity and transparency in the coffee industry
as the top 150 farmers

Coffee Arabica • Ethiopian Roasted

Origin- Gomma, Jimma - Grade- 1

5000 KG (available)

$17.99 / kilo

Coffee Arabica Green Beans • Jimma

Origin- Gomma, Jimma - Grade- 1

200000 KG (available)

>$8.49 / kilo

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